Un locker opens again and again

My passport drive was working fine yesterday.  Today when I plugged it in to my laptop the wd unlocker came up and I put in my password and it unlocked and then it opened wd unlocker again and again and repeated it and a box came up saying I had to format drive C.  It had a cancel so I selected that and then wd unlocker opened again and again and so did the box asking for a format… it keeps popping up one on top of the other.  In the task manager there are over 113 of these boxes listed under tasks.  It just keeps multiplying like the buckets in sorcerer mickey.  I unplugged the USB and tried the drive in another computer and it works fine.  Any ideas or suggestions?  I need this to work with my laptop, as that is my only computer.  Thanks

Might be malware/virus.  If you have the opportunity, I would backup what you have and reformat

Reformat the My Passport drive or reformat my laptop?

Yeah, I would do both if you can.