Un-commanded Power Cycles

I have a WD TV Live connected to a wireless bridge that is connected to my wireless network. Everything is working fine except when logging on to my YouTube account. After entering my user name and password, I hit the “Submit” button. The unit power cycles off then on performing a complete re-boot. This is 100% consistent. I can browse YT but can’t log on to my account.

Funny thing is that it worked the first couple of times I used it. The problem started about the 5th time I used it. I thought that the unit suffered infant hardware mortality. I returned it to exchange it for another. When I told the sales person what was wrong she said “That is the second one returned today for the same problem”. Interesting. I took a chance on a second unit. Updated to version 1.01.11. The same problem right out of the box. I am convinced it a firmware issue.

Anyone else in the same boat? Is it possible to switch to another firmware version?

My WDTVLive does auto reboot everynow and then when accessing Youtube. I am on version 1.01.11