Just thinking out loud, would the WDTV Live devices be considered Ultraviolet  devices?  Now that VUDU( movie service) is participating in the Disc-to-Digital promotion ay Walmart on 4/16, and is a member of UV,  and I can still access VUDU with my Live Hub, is the Hub a UV device?

I dunno, just thinkin’

I’m a bit muffed with UV.   I don’t really like the fact that you have to have an account with THEM, and they are a very young startup.

If they go out of business, so does your digital content.

Whereas the “Digital Copy” stuff that links into your OWN account on iTunes or whatever; and Apple ain’t going out of business any time soon…

But good luck to 'em!  They look like they have a lot of top-notch partnerships.

Don’t see WD on the list, though… :wink:

I belong to UV AND Vudu, the latter owned by Walmart.  So, perhaps I’m naive but I believe my content is relatively safe and will be available for the forseeable future.  I just took 5 BDs to Walmart, paid $2 a BD, and all five were available on my WD Hub by the time I got home.  They are also available on my Xbox, my PS 3, my PC and my iPad.  If I have any complaint, it is that no subtitles are available.  But the picture quality is almost BD perfect.  I’m taking another 10 BDs to Walmart in the next few days.  At $2 a pop, it beats the price of HDDs and worrying about backups.  I’m optimistic.

I always appreciate your comments and assistance, Tony.

Really? I don’t think I knew you could do that! Do you have to buy the BDs at Walmart to get the Vudu access? Or can they be bought elsewhere? Do they have just about ALL the movies? Or just a few? Do you just go to the customer service desk?

No, the BDs that I own were all bought elsewhere.  Some of the BDs I’ve owned for a couple of years.  You can go to the Vudu site and type in the name of the movie and you’ll know if it’s eligible.  It’s a very simple process.

Yes, they have “the largest collection” online.  

 Just take your BDs (in the case) to the photo center in Walmart.  You can also do the same with SD DVDs.

Nifty.  Thanks for the info!


I’ve been a VUDU customer for 4+ years…I intend to take some of my discs to Walmart as well…Just more info, DVD’s can be converted  to SD for $2, and to HDX for $5…Some of the blockbuster titles I have on DVD are not available, I.E., the Indiana Jones series, they have LOTR but not the extended versions available for this promotion…No Jurrassic Park,  Jaws, Star Wars, Titanic…I’m waiting until the selection of past hits is better…

Also, it might be interesting to share that some of the movies the consumer owns, but Walmart won’t accept, can be purchased on Vudu, often at a cheaper price–including 3D titles–that play quite well.  So, if you’re looking to buy a flick and don’t feel the need to have a physical copy, Vudu may be the perfect place for you to purchase and store your films.  

I believe that some content producers don’t like the idea of consumers having a viewing copy on Vudu AND a physical copy they can loan or give to someone else, if the impulse to do so arises. This is why certain producers won’t reach an agreement with Walmart’s Vudu.  (This last statement is conjecture on my part.)