Ultra Wiped out by Windows 10 Update files

I was trying to update my Dell Latitude from Windows 7 to 10. I directed the download files to My Ultra as the flash drive. Now all I have are Windows Folders on my Ultra. All my files are gone. Can I restore somehow?

Thanks. TY

You can attempt data recovery via Software … Google Data Recovery Software

Note: when preforming data recovery you will need another hard drive large enough to recover the data too. ie. you can’t recover the data to the same hard drive … but can transfer it back once the data recovery is completed.

Note 2: Data recovery is not a quick process … it can take days running 24 hours non stop.

If unsuccessful, then the only other option is a Professional Data Recovery Service.

Bear in mind, these services can cost hundreds of dollars … so the data would have to be critically important to you to warrant the cost.

Also, with any critically important data you should always keep backups of it in case something happens like the situation you’re currently in.


Thank you. Shoulda woulda coulda