Ultra portable hard drive


A few days ago I received my WD Ultra 2TB portable hard drive…
I need to know if I can copy certain folders from my PC to my WD portable drive & then transfer these folders to another computer…
Also do I have to install software on the PC I wish to have these folders transfered? What I mean is that on every PC or laptop if I want to use my WD portable drive I have to install software?
As I’m very new I will appreciate all assistance.

Hi there,

You can definitely transfer files from one computer to the other, just be careful if you’re switching between different Operating Systems as this may corrupt the drive if not done properly.
You do not need to install the software on every PC, as I would recommend you simply transfer the files manually to the new location.


Many thanks for your advice.
I also want to know whether it is possible to back up only part of my PC; i.e I don’t want to back up certain folders in my PC hard drive onto my ultra portable hard drive.

Appreciate your helpful response.

You have the option to select specific files with File Backup, or you can always do it manually.