UK RMA Process - Bad experience

I sent my WD Green 240GB SSD to the UK agent (Flextronics) who to this date still show the RMA as “Waiting to Receive”. I return from 3 weeks away and find a box with my RMA inside. Neatly repacked. Returned unchanged, with no note or explanation. Yet it still shows as “Waiting to Receive”.

I tried whilst I was away to contact Flextronics to see why it wasnt yet received yet they have no email address, no phone number and in fact dont EXIST as Flextronics now being called Flex. I tried using their contact process but without some random “order number” you cannot.

RMA Number: 88217280
RMA Date: 22-Feb-2020
RMA Type: Standard RMA (although personally I would call it SUB standard)

In desperation I tweeted WD global. No response.

I’ve had RMAs before with Toshiba. Good comms, no lies about not receiving items, replacements dispatched from ANOTHER country (Germany) much quicker than this “failed replacement” from Flex.

What do you have to do to get some kind of service from WD for warranty? Sign over your first born child? NOT IMPRESSED.

And still left (3 weeks later) with a useless drive.

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Did you ever get this resolved?

LOL, yeah…

They rejected my RMA. I asked them to reconsider (twice) they refused. I threatened them with court and suddenly they replaced my drive with a 500Gb Blue instead of a 240Gb Green.

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Wow, as bad as that. I think i will be looking at Samsung in future

Well the end result was good… just a little bit sad I had to fight them that much

why don’t you go through the dealer?
It happens that the status is wrong on the WD side.

Otherwise the guarantee is voluntary, you don’t have to do anything, you can!
A dealer is the better choice. It can turn a 240 GB into a 500 GB.
This is rarely possible in the guarantee.

Unfortunately, the WD support in Germany is no better.