UK Online Services

Hi All,

Total noob here and I’m looking to ditch my AppleTV (2nd Edition) for something with more functionality !

Could you please tell me what online services currently work with the WD TV Live Hub in the UK, I’ve read different reports and heard different things.


  • does Netflix / Blockbuster work ?
  • is BBC iPlayer / 4OD / ITV Player accessible yet

Any help would be appreciated.

This post isn’t through laziness, as I say, lots of websites have big images of services with an asterisk next to it and some small print stating that services may not be available outside of the US. So I just wanted some info from people who already have them in the UK and can guarantee what works and what doesn’t


Netflix, Blockbuster and Pandora only work in the USA

No iPlayer etc

You get Live365, youtube, facebook, flickr.