Ui not letting me login

So, all of a sudden a month or two ago the Web UI will not let me completly log in. It will take my Admin password, make me think it has logged me in, then 2 seconds later, the login in window pops up. This happens on Chrome, ie, and my phone web broswer. 

Yes, pushing the reset button, and power cycling the unit will allow me to login correctly for a while, but then, at some unknown time it will decide to stoop letting me back in after a few days. 

I have seen several post about this, and the answer is alway power cycle, press reset to get in, but what is the real fix. When this happens, WD my photos stops backing up also. I thought it was a verson 4 bug, but I reverted back to V3 and it is still doing it.

Does anyone have a real fix for this??? Very annoying to have to cycle power to the unit to get logged in, and is just asking for trouble in my opinion… This is on a 4tb MYcloud.


Have you tried a System-only restore?

How can you do a system only restore if you cannot log into the UI? I just returned my first unit after 3 weeks and am now having this problem on the new unit.

Stretch_THMC wrote:

How can you do a system only restore if you cannot log into the UI?

User Manaul, page 84.


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Found out in another thread I had to Power cycle the unit AND the router for 30 sec and all is well. Thanks for the response.