UI and SSH - No Access

Hi All,

After a friend of mine tried to carry out some hacks on ssh, enable to get RSYNC working, he couldnt because he couldnt remove the default password (not very good when backing up over the internet),  and now I cannot access the UI or SSH. I can see the shared drives, and WD quick view will shut the drive down. The Smart Ware seems to work and backs up files, but I cannt access the UI or login in SSH. I have tired connecting via ie, and firefox, but it just hangs and just displays a blank page.

Is there way of manually updating the latest firmware. Has anyone got a copy of the latest firmware as WD doesnt want to release it for a manual update?

Hello, don’t have  a lot of experiences with SSH access, but maybe some of the other users can give you some advice. 

Thanks for the reply.

If anyone else could help me out or point me in the right direction?