Ugh. No longer seen in Windows after repair

My passport was working fine and then I had one file that I cound not use, it had a bad sector or something. So I repaired the drive through windows. Good old repair.

I right-clicked > Properties > Tools > Error checking and set to auto fix and check for bad sectors…

soon it was repaired, and now the drive is not recognized at all.

I have reviewed Many other similar posts and tried a bunch of processes.

The light populates and the drive spins, but is never recognized by windows.

I tried on a different machine and OS, nothing

Quick formatter -does not work, cant find the drive

Firmware updater - does not work, can’t find the drive

WD smartware - this actiually isntalled - but does not work, can’t find the drive

The bottom line is the drive is no longer found.

Not in windows explorer not in the Device manager.

Are there any progams I have missed? Any processes I forgot?

No, it is not the cable length. I have tried this as well. The drive spins when you plug it in and after 5-10 seconds, when windows does not recognize it, it stopps spinning and waits.

try a diff computer, try a diff USB port… the port at the back of the desktop is much better… do you have a “Y” cable? if none… call tech support and request for one…

I appreciate the feedback:

I already tried a different computer- 3 of them

I already tried a different usb port, on multiple machines

Why would a drive suddenly need a y adapter after it was working properly for so long with the regular one?