Ubuntu Samba Shares

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I’m having the same problem as these posts. I can only see the configuration share and not the “Videos” share I have created using the samba client. I’m running Ubuntu 10.04. I have installed what I believe to be necessary to view the shares on the ShareSpace (I can navigate to shares on an XP box in Nautilus). Also, I can see them using NFS as well. I don’t think I can use NFS as I have the shares secured using the ShareSpace security model’s users and groups. The ShareSpace is the 8TB WDA4NC80000N model and firmware version 2.2.93. I had no problems on my old My Book World II using samba.

Please help!

Thanks in advance,


Dude, any luck? There’s a great Ubuntu user in here that’s been helping a lot but I can’t remember his nick.