Ubuntu 11 and My Book World Edition

hey all,

I have been happily using my network drive for a little over a year now, yet today my brother purchased a netbook and installed the newest version of ubuntu on it (11.04 according to their website)

Suffice to say that he doesn’t know how to find the network drive and I’m no use having never used ubuntu either.

Could someone give me a (for lack of better phrase) idiots guide to finding the drive and making it available on the launcher bar for quick access?

Hope you can help! :slight_smile:

Anyone with any thoughts on this?

Like I said, I’m a complete beginner when it comes to ubuntu yet this is the only thing I can’t figure out, so it’d be great if there’s a solution to this.

I know it’s being a bit of a pain but assume I’ll have no clue how to do what you ask or help me out with screenshots and things.

If I can get it working I’ll happily bow down and call you a god amongst mere mortals.