UASP support, SSD drive

There is a docking station for SSD/HDD. Internally SATA III. Externally eSATA III and USB 3.0.
The vendor specifies its USB 3.0 interface as UASP compatible.
The UASP support should provide the speed boost of up to 70% of USB 3.0 - all this according to dock vendor.
It is a dock for one single drive, no RAID arrays are possible.

I wonder if it is a sense to populate UASP support in the dock as above.
Vendor claims in last reply all SSDs could benefit of UASP.
Is the vendor right by claiming that as by now any of SSD available in the market could benefit of UASP?
The conclusion from this would read then for some SSDs currently on the trade the speed of USB 3.0 is a bottle-neck.

Please discuss here only the dock device, not the remaining elements in whole data transfer chain.

Where did you see this docking station? I see no information about this product on WD’s main site.

It’s a 3rd party, not the WDC brand. Exact Startech, a dock for one single drive.

I wonder why this fact, its a 3rd party device, relates to possible root cause.
The question was asked in this forum, because here meet experts of data storage.