Typical warranty?

Just searched this site and I don’t find anything contradicting the page   http://support.wdc.com/warranty/policy.asp w/

states WD Caviar Blue, for instance, has a warranty of 3 years. Yet I recently read that all the hard drive manufacturers

are going to shorter warranties.  I’m thinking the above page has not been updated since “the flood”. 

What is the truth? If WD still offers a 3 yr. (retail)  on Caviar Blue my purchasing decisions are a whole lot easier!

Thank you,


Hi on this page   http://www.wdc.com/en/products/internal/desktop/  . They say 2 years. On the link you posted a oem drive is 2 years but the retail kit gives you 3 years. So maybe the page has not been updated or something. Give it a bit and one of the other guys that help here will know for sure.