Typical avoidance ploy

I have/had a 2tb my book essential that became faulty. wd did get me a new(ish) one. However, they will NOT warranty the replacement, which is NEW TO ME, as if it were new. If it fails, I only have the stunted remainder of the OLD warranty. Not acceptable. The return/replacement procedure was marginal at best. They wanted priority shipment to them, I got “space available” in return. In wimpy, easily damage packaging to boot. I packed the defective drive for return like it was the finest crystal, per wd’s requirements. I am not likely to be a return customer.

So… Let me see if I understand this:

You want that each time you replace something the warranty is renewed so you can just replace it the very last day of the warranty, get a new one and go on with an endless warranty?

Oh boy… :dizzy_face:

Get real, man…