Type of Power Cord

Hi All, I have a WD5000H1U-00 and cannot find the poer cord for it.

Can anyone give me the specifics…as to the type, size, etc,etc.  Also, where can I purchase one.

Many thanks,



WD does sell them in the WD store.  Theoretically, any 12-volt, 18-watt, center-positve 5.5mm adaptor would work, but WD recommends their own adaptors.

EDIT:  It may have originally shipped with a 12-watt, 1.0 amp adaptor, but WD seems to have replaced their 1.0 amp version with a 1.5 amp version.  For that matter, the amperage/wattage is partially irrelevant… a device will only draw what it needs, not the maximum adaptor rating, since it’s a constant-voltage supply, not a constant-current supply.  As long as you don’t try to use something like a 6-watt, 0.5 amp supply, which can’t provide enough current, and would either corrupt your drive and/or ruin the adaptor, you’re generally fairly safe with a larger current rating.  In other words, the 2-amp, 24-watt supplies should also work just fine – there’s just no need to go beyond what the device will use.

RoofingGuy Nailed it (no pun intended).  There’s nothing magical about WD’s power supply.

I have two disk enclosures, one a Western Digital MyBook and the other a Zalman, which use practically identical AC adapters: both put out 12 volt DC, up to 1.5 amps.  They are in practice interchangeable.  The WD AC adapter is powering the Zalman enclosure as I type.