TwonkyMedia vs WD's DLNA Media Server

Apologies if this has already been covered and buried in another thread. I gave up trying to play movies from my WDL to my Samsung BluRay player a while ago. While I can see all the files, it only plays a small amount of them. The rest are either not supported or just don’t work. I also don’t like that many of them I cannot FFwd or Rewind or even Pause! I debated upgrading Twonky from the default (v 5), but I just haven’t had the time or patience to try. I would be willing to pay the $25 license if it actually will play everything. But now with WD’s Media Server…has anyone confirmed if it plays MKVs and all other common formats and we have control over FFwd and Rewind and Pause? I would to hear some user’s specific experience playing around with WD Media server and Twonky. Thanks!

The new DLNA server now support streaming of MKV files to Samsung devices. You can always go back to the twonky media server after updating the firmware. Check the link below for more information.