TwonkyMedia 5.1.9 and Philips TV: cannot fast-forward or rewind


we just got our brand new Philips TV (42PFL7606K/02) and found out that it basically works with Twonky, except for some details:

 * images are shown as tiny thumbnails

 * most video media cannot be fast-forwarded, or rewound (the exception being MPEG2).

Is there anything in the Twonky configuration that I can change to improve this situation? Without being able to continue a movie at some given point, and use the TV to watch pictures in full size, the media streaming solution is just about useless … :-/

Thank you!

Check if your TV set has an update available, also, what format are the movies that are giving you this issue?


thank you for your reply!

the TV has no update available. Firmware is from July this year.

The file formats are the raw MPEG2 transport stream files recorded by my satellite receiver. The TV can play these files fine, but it cannot fast-foward or rewind, if the files are played back through Twonky. This makes movies browsing almost useless, because it is impossible to continue a movie or skip through commercials.

Regarding the JPEG files, I noticed that Twonky’s web interface also only displays very low resolution thumbnails. How do I make Twonky display the files in full resolution?

Thank you :slight_smile:


I have exactly the same issue with my Philips TV 42pfl7606, even with the latest firmware update from october. When playing through DLNA it is not possible to FF or Rewind. when playing the same files through USP it does work.

Same problem here with DL7906H … My Book Live and Philips TV on last firmware version :frowning: