i have been reading through the nas ideas section - why are there no plans to update twonky ? is it because the hardwear is not powerful enough ?

It has been explained several times that WD would have to renegotiate and pay royalties to Twonky for an update.

So you’re basically saying that tonky will never get updated ?! WOW, another great reason to sell this thing and never buy WD again. This keeps on getting worse by the day.


I don’t know about the future, I just know about what has been posted previously. Why don’t you call WD and ask if there’s going to be an update? They are the ones with the final word, but so far, all of us who have been on the forums for a while now know that WD would have to pay Twonky for an updated license. Since it’s not entirely up to WD, that update would not be free and WD would have to increase the price of the SS, MBL, Hub and MBW  to recover the investment on the update.

It’s capitalism dude; you can’t be provided with something for free at the expense of the provider and WD is not going to sell at a loss.

And look what I just found…