I have put a load of files my bwe white light but for some reason the twonky server does show them. I have tried restarting the server and updating the database, the only time my xbox and ps3 can see anything is when I put new files on the unit. Even media player connot even see them. I can read them though windows explorer and vlc to play them then some will show up on the  server. This unit seems to have a mind of its own. M

I think I found the problem, in advanced setup, media receivers in the pull down menus set it to by folder. This seems to work. M

It seems that it will only read mp4 video format only if watch them, but not xvid and as most of my files are xvid that is the  problem. The only time it will show a file that is xvid is when I upload it. Is this a twonky problem  or am I missing something. Any ideas and thanks in advance M.