Twonky works perfectly but shows zero music files

As the title suggests, after I had upgraded my My Cloud to the latest firmware 4.05.00-315 and restored all my Twonky Server settings to what I had before, everything seems to be working perfectly - I can browse my library via the Twonky UI or by using BubbleUPnP, UPnPlay or any other media browser (such as the one built into my smart TV) and can play my music files on various renderers with no problems whatsoever. Life is grand.


When I look at the status page on the Twonky UI and also at the Settings/Media page on the My Cloud UI, both show a count of zero music files. Huh??? Before the firmware upgrade this would show 40k+ files as it should. Again, the files were found since the server is serving them up, but the counter doesn’t indicate that. I don’t know if this change in behavior was caused by the firmware upgrade or if it happens to correlate with it.

I’m living with it as everything seems to be working fine otherwise, but I was wondering if anyone else has seen this issue and if anyone knows of a fix.

Odd… I had trouble early on with Twonky, in that it would index everything, and then delete it all, if media serving was disabled on the share (as can happen on firmware upgrade). So I’d check that media serving is enabled on the shares.

Also it might be worth restarting the media server.

I assume you’ve read my FAQ.

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Hi cpt_paranoia, yes I’ve read your FAQ and your other posts which I found to be immensely useful, thanks! I did find your thread about what you encountered but in your case the media count went up then back down and then your media wasn’t accessible as apparently the indexing was deleted.

In my case the media count just shows zero even while the server is indexing my media folder. When done scanning, it still shows a count of zero but all my media is perfectly accessible, so it’s apparently indexed okay.

Nonetheless I have confirmed that both media sharing and serving settings are ON in the My Cloud UI for my share folder. And numerous restarts produce the same result consistently.