Twonky won't read playlists

I have a problem with playlists on Twonky. It will ‘see’ the paly;ist, but not the different songs on it. So it will display them as ‘Empty’

I have to do a complete rebuild of the Twonky media server to make it work. If I do a rescan it still does not work, if I do a restart it also doesn’t read the palylist.

What can be the problem?

Did you tried pressing the reset button on the bottom side for one second?

Resetting with the button all the time is not a good solution. It does not work at all…

I now found that creating a playlist directly on the hub from my computer will make it show up. However I think this Twonky server should be updated some time. It is still in version 5 and twonky has versio 7 already released. so I wonder why doe the not update it on the HUB?

… because Twonky doesn’t license many versions for use on third-party products.

And for the ones they do, they require additional new license payments to upgrade.

NAS providers, etc, can’t just upgrade to the latest version at-will…

ah Tony,

Yes I was thinking that might be the case. Should WD then not chose another solution?