Twonky version

i bought a new wd live two weeks ago and have been having problems streaming certain video formats to my samsung smart tv.  I’ve contacted twonky who tell me it is a known problem with earlier versions of twonky server. 

i find it it strange that the version twonky shipped on the wd livie nas drive is over two years old ! I need to upgrade to the latest version but twonky say i have to buy a licence ($20) even though i have an OEM licenced version.

is there a free way to upgrade through WD?  I researched twonky before making my wd live purchase and only bought it cos wd stated it came with twonky !

You can try using WDs media server instead of Twonky… Read the release notes to find out how.
But you WILL need to buy a Twonky license if you choose to upgrade it…