Twonky upgrade

Hi There,

I had Twonky upgraded to version 7 on my My Book Live 3T. Had it upgraded as I could not stream the vidoes with  Matroska video (mkv) formats.

Before the upgrade I could get connection from my Samsung Smart TV (UA40ES6200) to my My Book Live.

I don’t get connection after the Twonky upgrade to my TV but can access and stream the videos to my laptop.

I have tried unsuccessfully to connect to My Book with the IP address followed by :9000 as suggested in a WD community message.

I have tried giving My Book and TV a static IP address each but it didn’t solve the problem.

Any suggestions/advise how to get the connection activated again?

Thank you

What guide did you use to upgrade Twonky? It sounds like you missed a step. Phibertron has an excellent guide for this.