Twonky too slow! How do I change it to WD DLNA?


It’s taking MyCloud 17 seconds to search for a single Media item (mp3).

I have another system, the same, in a different location, using a My Book Live. When I first got it, it had Twonky, which was very problematic. WD helped me change My Book Live from Twonky to WD DLNA, and I’ve been happier ever since…

Can someone please tell me how to change MyCloud from Twonky to WD DLNA?

Thank you


Can’t be done.

I didn’t know there was a WD DLNA app…

You could try MiniDLNA:

cpt_paranoia wrote:

I didn’t know there was a WD DLNA app…

Yeah, it (IMHO) was a lousy attempt at remediating Twonky, which on the platforms that had it was a really old version (5 something).   

AFAIK, it was the only choice on the My Book Live Duo

It was on NEWER My Book Lives (and users couldn’t go back to Twonky in this case without trickery)

Older My Book Lives’ owners had the choice of either by applying a patch file

It was also on the short-lived network router products that had DLNA.

WD made the (IMHO) smart move to go back to Twonky on everything since.  It’s a much newer (almost current) version (7.2.6).

My Twonky is 7.2.9, I think. [checks: yes, it is]  Your potted history may explain the poor integration of Twonky into MyCloud, if there’s been a history of chop and change of DLNA media servers on WD platforms.