Twonky to Xbox 360: new files don't show up

I’m trying to use the Twonky Media Server to view videos from an Xbox 360.  To initially set up the device, I transferred all of my videos over to the MBL.  I can view these on the Xbox360 without any problems.  However, I recently added a new video or two, and these new ones do not show up on the Xbox360 from the TMS.  I’ve tried restarting the Xbox and rescanning the TMS library to no avail.  I can view these files using the TMS web browser access, so I know that Twonky sees them, and I can access them from a computer.  But I cannot access them from the xbox.  New folders do appear, but the new files within those folders do not.  Again, I can see many other files just fine.  I cannot figure out why some “older” videos will work but the file server is not showing the “newer” ones, and I cannot figure out why this is only the case when serving to the Xbox and not when viewing through the TMS browser.  Any ideas?  Thank you.

That’s normal, restart the MBL to let Twonky refresh.