Twonky Shared Folders settings not sticky

Dear all,

My “main” share (be it “Public” or a custom “MyShare” share) contains a number of sub-folders, only a few of which I’d like to stream out. I thus configure the Shared Folders in Twonky accordingly - e.g. “/MyShare/Photos” for photo content only, “/MyShare/Videos” for video content only, etc.

However, whenever I reboot the My Cloud device, these settings are automatically rebuilt in a manner that depends on the “Media Serving” setting in the WD My Cloud page for that share: if my share is set to “Media Serving” there, then after the next reboot the individual sub-folder settings are wiped and replaced with a single setting for the entire share. On the other hand, if the share is set to “Not Media Serving”, then after the next reboot the settings are plainly lost.

In other words, it seems the Twonky settings are overruled by the My Cloud settings.  


Does WD My Cloud really only supports streaming at the root level of a share only? 

Ok, I believe I’ve solved it by editing /etc/contentdir as follows:


This one seems to stick across reboots.

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