Twonky Settings (where is the config file?) DTS to AC3 transcoding

Hi together, 

this is my first post and i actually have a big problem. My LG TV cannot work with the DTS audio format. And the result is that i cannt watch a lot of my MKV files over the network …

I informed me that the Twonky Server has a configuration file where I can change some parameters and then it would be possible to transcode dts to a other audio format like ac3. 

Has someone a solution for me ? 

You can access the Twonky server settings page at http://XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:9000 - Replace the X’s with the IP address of your WD EX2 drive, append the colon 9000 to the end of it.  The bad news is I dont see anything that will allow you to change the transcoding options like I have seen in other Twonky implementations.

Thats really bad :frowning: Why is there no configuration file on the harddrives ???  **bleep**! Then I must adjust all the MKV DTS Files

There is a config file for Twonky - but most of the settings can be set via the web interface that Vertech1 mentioned above. I do not recommend changing anything in this config file by hand, but if you do, at least be sure to create a backup of it first before editing it. The config file is /mnt/HD_a4/twonkymedia/twonkyserver.ini