Twonky - Settings are not saved!?


i was setting up my twonky server. But when i am saving the settings, closing the window and reopen it, the default settings (for shared media and so on) are default.

WD gotta put Twonky 6 in the next Firmware.

Any solutions for my Problem? I am getting the Twonky in my PS3 but the Settings are not perfect!

I think there’s something fishy going on wth WD’s implementation of Twonky on the MBL.

I *think* that they should be DISABLING the Twonky Control Panel at [ipaddres}:9000, because I think they expect that all the configuration is supposed to be done at the MyBook Live control panel.

To me, it’s no surprise that the configuration is getting over-written by the MBL on re-boot, because the configuration for TWONKY is not saved; it’s re-generated by the MBL’s controls according to what’s configured  at [ipaddress}:80.

But in  fact you can do more specific configurations with the :9000 menu.