Twonky server

I have a My Cloud NAS. I am using the twonky server that is provided with the device. There are files that show up on the Twonky server that is not in one of the shared folders of the MY Cloud NAS. I am trying to delete these files off of the Twonky Server but do not get that option. How can this be done? Please help.

Any Share that has the Dashboard option “Media Serving” activated (set to On) will have its media cataloged and made available by the Twonky Media Server. First step is to ensure only those Shares that you want to used by Twonky have the Media Serving option set to On. Note that any media files in the Public Share will be cataloged by Twonky as there is no way currently to disable Media Serving (at least in the v4.x firmware) on the Public Share. the solution is to move media files that you do not want to be cataloged by Twonky out of the Public Share into a another Share that has Media Serving turned off.

If you have not already done so you may want to read through the following thread which has some good information on how to use the Twonky Media Server on the My Cloud.

Ok but this does not tell me how to delete files in twonky. The only server I have is the MY Cloud NAS. So How do I delete these files from Twonky when they are not in any shared folder on the MY Cloud NAS?

If you have any other media servers in your local network (a media player on a PC, phone, tablet, etc), Twonky may attempt to ‘aggregate’ them into the library it presents, and it may be that you are seeing these aggregated files. Aggregation can be controlled from the Twonky UI: see the FAQ “Q. What are the ‘Shared Media’ folders for?”

You cannot delete files via Twonky; it is merely a virtual library. You have to go to the file system Twonky interrogates, and remove the media.

If you want to know where a file is really located, use the ‘By Folder’ view when accessing media through Twonky. This will look just like the physical file system, but only showing media files.

ps. What ‘shared folders’ are you referring to? Do you mean ‘Shared Music’, ‘Shared Videos’ and ‘Shared Pictures’? Or do you mean Shares (folders/directories in normal file storage parlance, avoiding WD’s pet name…)?

Twonky defaults to searching ALL folders in Public, not just those in the ‘Shared media’ folders. I think those are stupid folder names, and a stupid idea… See the FAQ “Q. Where should I put my media so Twonky finds it?”

One generally does not delete the files through Twonky, one generally deletes the files using Windows File Explorer or Macintosh finder or similar file management application. Or one can remove an entire Share through the My Cloud Dashboard.

You first need to figure out where (using Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder) the Share or files are located that Twonky is cataloging and showing to DLNA clients. If those files/Shares are located on the My Cloud then you can either remove them or set the Media Sharing option for that Share that contains those files/folders to Off. As cpt_paranoia indicated if one has additional media servers (like Plex or Windows Media Player) active on the local network, Twonky on the My cloud may aggregate/include the media from those media servers.