Twonky Server update on my book live 3TB model

Ok i’m pretty new to all this i bought the My Book last month and only now i’m getting around to filling it up with content, mostly i’ve filled it with MKV format files of stuff i watch. Though when i’m in bed i would like to be able to watch 720p content through my ps3 without having to use ps3 media server as it can be pretty **bleep** unreliable in my opinion!

So can anybody help me on how i can update from Twonky 5.1.9

I have just had my firmware update for my book and i was hoping maybe Twonky would be upgraded with it and well obviously not lol

I’ve had a little scout about and seen people saying you can update this but you have togo through Linux and i’ve never used it in my life! So can somebody please help me point me in the right direction i would be very grateful

Thank you for taking the time in reading this


yes it is possible to update it fairly easily, as long as you purchase a key from twonky

and since you using a ps3, you already know that it doesnt support mkv

so the only option is to transcode

however, the nas is not up to the challenge of transcoding

so there would be no benefit in upgrading in your scenario

Yeah i know ps3 does not support MKV unless it is Jailbroken because of the media servers you can put on there.

So even if i update Twonky to the latest it wont work? PS3 Media server plays MKV it can just be unreilable sometimes which can be very annoying, Twonky shows up in the media player list on the ps3 though

That would most likely be because PS3 Media server is transcoding it

Well aware of being able to jailbreak the ps3 and many other devices

which begs the question are you running a client on the ps3 that can play mkv natively?

Nope i have not jailbroken my ps3 the firmware is to high now :frowning:

well that answers that

looks like you need something that is going to have to transcode those mkv’s on the fly

or pre-encode them in the background

Well thats a bit of a [Deleted], a 3tb so called media centre my [Deleted]!

I too have a PS3, and all Sony devices. This is a great product, I own the 2TB one. If you are doing you own encoding, why use the .mkv format? Why not just use on that is native? I have all .vob, and have never had a problem for DVDs. If doing Blu-Ray there is a way to do that too.