Twonky Server Tweak - Folder View - Order by Track


I was having an issue where if I stream tunes via the FOLDER option on my receiver I would alway get the songs listed alphabetically in the folder rather than by TRACK number.

On a Twonky board I found the FIX…  

(the file they describe editing is located on the MyCloud in this directory: /usr/local/twonkymedia-7/resources/views)

Works GREAT!

Info from the link:

Well, I have no fear of editing the xml files, and once I found out from this thread what file I should be looking at, it was easy. 

Open the view-definitions.xml file for editing and look for a line that starts off like this: 

container name=‘byfolder’ id=‘music/folders’ 

You want to edit the FOLLOWING line. Initially it looks like this: 

container buildon=‘res’ createClass=‘object.item.audioItem.musicTrack’ class=‘object.container.storageFolder’ /> 

Change it to look like this: 

container buildon=‘res’ sortcriteria=’+upnp:originalTrackNumber’ createClass=‘object.item.audioItem.musicTrack’ class=‘object.container.storageFolder’ /> 

(Each of those lines should start with a < but I had to leave them out to get them to display in the forum. Make sure you include it.) 

Restart TwonkyServer and voila, track sorting in folder view.

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Hello JRman, thanks for sharing, but note that this could void the warranty, other users should take that into consideration before doing the modification. 

Updated with warning

Good find JRman!

Talking about Twonky…

Do you know how to mod the config.js file of Twonky to use relative paths instead of absolutes like the modded ones for older version?

I have a hard time putting my openVPN bridge server up only to solve this problem to be able to WAN stream from Twonky on MyCloud.

Did you see this link:

Have not tried it.

Yes i saw it and this modded config.js for Twonky version 7.0.11 is the last  phiberton posted to enable relative paths.

He said in another that he’ll post updated mods but didn’t.