Twonky server seems to be creating duplicates of recently listened to music

Hi All,

I’ve trawled through a few previous posts, but I thought I’d try this

I’ve got a MyCloud EX2 with the twonky dnla server. I’m connecting with an Arcam SR250 amplifier and using their musiclife app to play all my FLAC files.

Lots of them are appearing as duplicates in the Arcam client, and Arcam swear blind that it’s a server issue, which is a pain as the client then plays each track twice.

I have confirmed that the files are single copy on the MyCloud.

I’m rebuilding the DLNA database (which is going to take days as I’ve got thousands of FLAC files)

I’ve upped the rescan interval on the server from -1 to 1440

if this doesn’t work - any ideas?

I was also wondering if I’ve got the drive set as raid 1 mirror - would that mean the Twonky is presenting the the mirrored backup to the Arcam client? I wouldn’t have thought so.

It’s also not all files - it’s only music files that are in folders. I’ve got a folder of random MP3’s and they are all fine, so is it a folder structure thing?