Twonky server scanning with album art and duplicate itunes and flac files

I have on my Shared Music My Cloud, iTunes music, and CD Music Folder with flac files. There are several duplicated albums that are in both folders in shared music My Cloud. When Twonky scanned the files the duplicate albums were picked from the iTunes folder and they have no album art .m4a. I wanted the scanned files to come from the flac files that includes the album art.

Turning off media sharing on iTunes and rebuild database populated Twonky with flac files with art. However, there are some itunes albums I also want to scan to Twonky without replacing the flac scans for those albums.

How can I do a scan of itunes without replacing the flac files with iTunes .m4a files?

Have you looked at aggregation? See if you think that will do what you want.

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