Twonky Server problems and settings - duplicate music tracks listed

So, I bought a WD My Cloud 2T as part of my dive into the unknown pool of streaming my music collection…
A short time later and I am somehow successfully streaming my CD collection as FLAC files stored on the NAS to a NAIM unit in the lounge or a Sony box of tricks in the kitchen, over Wi-Fi. Result! And I am absolutely loving the whole convenience and accessibility of it all, and crowing to all my colleagues (especially the younger ones) about how I mastered this modern technology.
Soon I’m not so smug, as my music collection begins to grow all by itself; duplicate tracks start appearing in my Apps (but not on the actual cloud of course) …
Well, thank goodness for cpt_paranoia and his excellent FAQ post. I learn about turning automatic updates off, and I discovered the Twonky Server interface and its best settings and, importantly, I moved my music out of the Shared Music folder (I think this was the issue), did a rescan and all was well.
Until now that is… It’s been OK for about six months but my collection has started growing by itself again, although not as drastically as before.
Some relevant info (maybe?):
• I manually update the firmware on the cloud and then re-set the Twonky settings after
• My music is now located in a new subfolder of the ‘Public’ folder – ‘MUSIC’, at the same level as the ‘Shared Music etc.’ folders (which I have left alone).
• Aggregation is OFF
• I have set the Rescan interval to once a day so the drive successfully sleeps
• Twonky is pointing to the Public folder and I set the file types to music and photos (for artwork)
• I do not log-in from my phone
• All my metadata is neat and tidy via mp3tag
The only thing that has changed is that I have started using Bubble UPnP for FLAC playing sometimes, and I have noted that when you search for Media using the Sony app that Bubble app is sometimes listed alongside the cloud, so is it virtually storing my collection as a server and Twonky is seeing 2 collections somehow?
Anyway, your thoughts please. I am comfortable with UNIX so I’m happy to roll up my sleeves and get my hands dirty if there is anything else I can adjust and my next step is to log into Twonky via SSH and make the settings recommended by cpt_paranoia (mv to prevent my settings being overwritten, and to point the media scan directly at the MUSIC folder within Public (well I’ve done that already now).
I’m also interested in upgrading to a newer version of Twonky if anyone has tried it yet and can advise…

That might be the problem (as you seem to suspect).

Make sure you have the Bubble local media server disabled; it may well be that your clients are seeing the Twonky Server and the Bubble server, and offering you both copies, using certain of the DLNA ‘views’.

Bubble settings:

Settings/Local Media Server/Enable

Make sure this is unticked to stop it revealing its media server to external clients.

I’d suggest the /etc/contentdir mod is the more effective, or less intrusive to the system.

I’ve modified the MyCloud startup script to pull a copy of this from a folder in a share, so that it all starts up tidily. I shut down Twonky first, then copy the files across, then restart Twonky, all in the startup script.

You shouldn’t need to add ‘Photos’ to the media types to make artwork visible in DLNA music players. Only select pictures if you want to be able to browse artwork as a distinct collection, using the Photos or Picture browser of DLNA clients.

Although if it was a problem with seeing two servers, looking at the same data, I’d expect total duplication, not partial.

Have a looked in those pesky ‘Shared’ folders, and make sure nothing is being aggregated.

Oh, and if your artwork has the same name as the album, I wonder if enabling photos in the media types is causing confusion…

Selecting the ‘By Folder’ view should allow you to find out where the media is physically stored. I suspect the problem is with the metadata-based views.

No definite solution, but some things to investigate…

Right, thank you very much Indeed cpt. :slight_smile:
A few things there for me to study, especially the /etc/contentdir mod (I had psyched myself up for the other change!).
In Bubble, I’ve unchecked the Bubble Server option as suggested…
I’m glad you mentioned the photo media - that’s good to know. Will change.
Shared folder is empty - for now.
I shall monitor

Ooh, and I meant to ask; what is the significance of the ‘Restart on NIC changes’ option?

Don’t know; maybe a ‘legacy setting’… Or to cope with major network changes.

cpt_paranoia , I realise you are quite busy on here but please help me with this when you get a chance, regarding FAQ – stop Twonky breaking the server.

So, I have a file structure like this:
The default folders:
Public/Shared Music
Public/Shared Videos
Public/Shared Pictures

…and I have made a new folder

…which contains the following:

I only want to share music files but I’m unsure of the significance of the ‘Media’ in your example; does this represent the Public folder in terms of the WD file structure? I see that contentdir contains +A|/Public
If so, do I need to replace the contents of the ‘contentdir’ file with:
…to suit my folders ?

And, what do I use as an editor in the ssh session? I used to use vi a lot but can’t remember the peculiar close and save sequence! I’ll google it if it is suitable.

And, I see a couple of people have recommended shutting down a thumbnail generating process which allegedly uses a lot of processor power; your thoughts please Sir.

And, can we disable any other changes which occur on upgrades like the rescan interval (I’ve now settled on 0 and rescan when I add music)

And, that’s all - for now :smirk:

I have created a private share, Media, at the same level as Public.

Your suggested contentdir looks correct for your file structure.

I use vi, but then I’ve been using it for 25 years.
i to start insert
ESC to leave insert
x to delete a character
:wq to write and quit
:q! to abandon changes and quit.

Don’t put a carriage return at the end of the line.

Yes, I stop the indexing and thumbnailing, but that’s optional, and applies to the general performance of the MyCloud.

Did you solve the duplicate listing problem? I wonder about those playlists… I don’t use them, so I can’t be sure, but they might cause duplicate listings.

Many thanks again cpt_paranoia.
Hmm, the playlists and duplicate listings; I’ve had no problems since my first post and rescan but I will now keep an eye out for any duplicated tracks being part of a playlist. Good point.
So I shall vi my contentdir tonight, and I stopped the indexing/thumbnailing processes (and the iTunes service) last night but I have to get my head around the crontab -e (for edit I presume) process suggested on another forum to make it permanent.
vi - shift zz was what I was thinking of, but I will use :wq as you suggest
I’ve learned a lot of good stuff here.