Twonky server not sorting my folder data

Why is my folder flac music files not in sorted order to match the folder.

Here is the folder.
Screen Shot 2022-04-04 at 5.03.00 PM

Here is the Twonky window of the folder, notice 10,11,12 are not in order.

Any reasons why.


With some media servers, like Twonky, you will have to add leading zeros to numbers 1-9 if you have more than 10 files or folders to get the media server to properly order/sort them correctly. For example in your case…

Disc 01
Disc 02
Disc 03
etc, up to Disc 09

One may have to do the same with the media file’s metadata track number as well for individual files if the media player is incorrectly ordering/sorting the media files by track. Programs like Mp3Tag ( have the ability to include a leading zero when auto-numbering the file track metadata. Mp3Tag’s Auto-Numbering Wizard dialog screen:


Note: If the folders or files go into the hundreds (ex: 100, 101, 102…) then one may have to add additional leading zeros to the files/folders to have them properly sorted (ex: 001, 002, 003… 010, 011, 012… 100, 101,102). Same applies to the media track metadata number when one has hundreds of tracks.

What do you have selected in Twonky under My Library?

It all comes down to how one is naming their files/folders. One will see a similar thing to what the OP is seeing if they didn’t use leading zeros and are viewing “By Folder”. A similar thing happens if the media files are not named properly with leading zeros and one views by All Tracks.

For example a series of albums (folder names as “Book”) when viewed by Twonky > Music > By Folder when the folder names don’t have leading zeros:

And with the leading zeros added to the folder name they are ordered correctly when viewed “By Folder” in Twonky:

It generally comes down to how one names the folders and files, and further if one uses any metadata for Twonky to pick up on. When viewing the media files through Twonky they may see different things depending on which menu item they have selected.

Anyone who is using OS3 firmware Twonky should take a few minutes to read through the unofficial Twonky FAQ. It has a number of suggestions to help when it comes to various issues or problems with Twonky.

The leading zero issue is briefly mentioned in posts 39 and 40 in that discussion:

The All Tracks example when one doesn’t use leading zeros with media file names (click on image/original image to expand it full sized, look at the “Book File” file name listings):