Twonky Server keeps restoring to its default settings

I’ve been configuring Twonky server again and again during the last few days but I see that the device is constantly restoring the default Twonky server settings. This happens (at least) in the following cases:

  1. after My Cloud reboot;

  2. after a Twonky Server restart;

  3. occassionaly under unidentified circumstances (so far);

Any idea anyone what this is about?

In addition, are the Twonky server settings backed up along with the My Cloud settings backup and if not is there a way to back them up?

Is this on the 9000 setup screen?

I assume you are saving the changes on that screen.

That’s the server indeed (on port 9000) and yes I do save the changes I make on each screen (set-up, shares, advanced etc).

They do stay intact for some time, maybe hours, and I can see the videos on my smart TV. Then I lose access and when I go back to the server set-up the configuration has been magically restored to its defaults.

The behavior you’re seeing is correct.

Twonky on a NAS is not really intended to be configured that way.   Twonky expects you to configure it via the Host’s configuration.

Thanks for claryfying this.

I wonder though why access to the Twonky server is open by default. Anyone on the LAN (at least) can ‘touch’ the configuration.

Well, there are parameters you can change via the Twonky settings that do NOT get restored to defaults so easily.