Twonky Server gone

I somehow managed to remove the Twonky DLNA server from my Apps on my PR2100, and I don’t see it in the last of available apps in the App Store. Is there a way that I can get it back?


You are in the wrong sub-forum for your PR2100. Do you have OS3 or OS5?

OS5 (5.11.112 to be exact)


No. As stated below, you are in the wrong place, but it won’t matter. Twonky is gone – out of business and “deprecated” even though it worked well and I miss it dearly on my EX2 and EX4100 NASes. I’m looking for something and I’ve gotten Plex – it works, but I don’t like it. Twonky was good for me because it allowed me to use the Windows directory structure to find stored movie files.

Even if you find a way to revert to OS3, it won’t last because WD is going to force OS5 on you – I’ve read others here who experienced that.

In fairness to WD, Twonky “died” in 2017 and they’ve given us four years, but I guess it’s like the good software I loved to use with Windows XP that no longer works with W-10. :sneezing_face:

If you find something you like as much as Twonky, please let us know!!

After I said you can’t, I found out you CAN – but be careful.

I don’t own a My Cloud Home, I have a 2nd generation WD MY CLOUD, OS5, and it does have Twonky! See image below. If needed, click on, tap, or activate image to enlarge it.

Posting in the correct sub-forum should help in getting answers from other users of the same type devices that know more about it.

Twonky Downloads | Twonky

Image for my WD MY CLOUD Apps.