Twonky Server EX4100 How To Reset Password

I can’t get in with the default or any other password I’ve used any help. This happened after a major crash of the Ex4200 and a rebuild from my backup. ANY help or suggestion would be appreciated.
Twonky Server asks for login credentials but I cannot remember the username and password. What can I do?
A password can be set by accident after you enabled the Multiuser feature. The default credentials are:

username: admin
password: admin.
The username and password are stored in the servers .ini file. The file is called “twonkyserver.ini”. You can remove the password when you either delete the entries for “accessuser=” and “accesspwd=” in the .ini file or delete the complete ini file. In both cases Twonky Server has to be shut down before making the changes.

On most platforms the .ini file is deleted when Twonky Server is uninstalled. Therefore the password protection is removed when you uninstall and reinstall Twonky Server.

@Wayne_Hughes Please check the following file and remove the characters after the = sign using SSH

vi /mnt/HD/HD_a2/.twonkymedia/twonkyserver.ini


Would that be for Mac iOS too? I am stuck with NOT being able to access my server.

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Would that apply to macOS as well? I’m unable to access my server due to this issue.

We know that
To reset the password for Twonky Server on a WD My Cloud EX4100, access the device’s dashboard via its IP address, navigate to the “Apps” section, open Twonky Server, and reset the password through the configuration settings. If there is no direct option to reset the password, you may need to uninstall and reinstall the Twonky Server app to restore default settings. but in 2024 no problem arise is possible?