Hi All,

pls help. I installed Twonky but it does not appear to be scanning as seen below. I have clicked on restart server / rescan folder in twonky / rebuild in mbl, media server share is turned on for all shares…what am i possibly doing wrong?


I took a look at the pictures you posted and it looks like your problem is with your twonkymedia-5 folder being empty with the exception of that one file.

pls whats the solution?

There are two options that I’m aware of:

  1. You can have someone upload the contents of their twonky folder then paste those files into your twonky folder.

  2. You can force a manual firmware update with will install a fresh OS on your drive, which should also restore those missing files while keeping you data intact.

If your interested in going with option 2 take a look at your PM, I messaged you the steps.

thanks much…

I went for option, did exactly as instructed in message…and waited until the last line which shows item was rebooted.

Shortly afterwards, my mbl doesnt appear on network anymore, green light appears on mbl and thats about it…i have manually unplugged and done reset.

pls help

Try pushing the button in the back of the device for 5 seconds and use the wd discovery tool. I had this happen to me as well a few days ago I factory restored my router I think it was some kind of firewall issue.


i have done the reset on router…disabled firewall and antivirus, doesnt seem to be helping. I really hope not to go for the long RMA replacement…any last resort before rma?

I ran the manual firmware update on my MBL this morning just to see if there was an error somewhere and my device not only reset itself but its on the network working 100%. I know that a full factory restore using the web ui will do the trick, but I didn’t want to have you pull all your data off the drive (it can be time consuming). But there really isn’t a choice now since you’ll have to do the same thing for the RMA.

 I know you meant well…In my opinion, this breed of WD product just seem to be quite unreliable…no wonder you wished me luck before the update.:smiley:

One thing I noticed is that the steady green light turns blue every 45mins or so and then back to green  and follows thesame cycle. Does that ring any bell?

thanks very much for your time!

Pages 10-11 on the MBL manual show what all the lights mean.

A solid Blue is the device in stand by mode, if it goes back to green its because there is some activity going on.