Twonky restart changing library name to "legacyTwonkyDefault Library at MyBookLive"

I’m running Twonky 7.09 via phiberton’s update method. All has been fine for some while. The other day, I clicked on the “register server” option in the settings page, signed up, but was not bothered with what I found, so I disconnected. Now, every time I do a server re-start, it insists on connecting and the Twonky settings page reports “You are logged in as legacyTwonkyDefault”, and then changes the default library name to “legacyTwonkyDefault Library at MyBookLive”. If I disconnect from the server, my library name reverts back to “myTwonky Library at MyBookLive”. I’ve deleted my account but the server continues this odd behaviour on re-start. I’d like to get back to where I was before, with the server never attempting to connect.

Any suggestions for how to fix this?


Unfortunately we don’t officially support this version of Twonky.