Twonky playback skips / interrupts

I want to use a My Book Live 2 TB as a media server. My Book Live and amplifier are connected to the router. The amp can connect fine to the twonky server, browsing the index works as well. But playback is buggy!! A lot of files can’t be played and the amp skips them (although it should be able to decode those; source format is flac single tracks). Also playback gets interrupted often.

You start to play a song, then suddenly after for example 10 seconds the music stops, the amp jumps a few tracks forward. Or it doesn’t begin to play at all. It has to be something with the Twonky implementation in the My Book Live. When playing from my PC over DLNA the amp never has these problems.

Please help me resolve this issue. Else I am tempted to send the product back. Media server function was one of the reasons I went for the My Book Live.



What if you use another media server other than Twonk with the MBL?

can you tell me how? i’d prefer twonky because i paid for WD doing the implementation. i expect things to work and don’t want to invest days and weeks to get such a thing running. also i am an absolute linux newbie and don’t have experience in operating a ssh.

could you suggest an alternative to twonky and point me to an installation guide?

today the receiver didnt see any media files! no contents shared although i havent changed anything in the twonky configuration. also what is quite suspicious is red text shorlty blinking up when selecting a twonky config site menu point that says that the license is invalid!!! has WD installed a cracked version of twonky or what?

i just want to play my music but it’s getting more and more difficult.