Twonky on the Ex4100

Should I be able to access the Twonky UI to make changes in the settings? I’m currently getting all kinds of garbage on my WDTV Live SMP (wrong thumbnails, etc). There’s very cryptic and minimal info about twonky in the EX4100 manual, but I gather from it and from the internet that I should be able to access it from the ip address:9000 but all I get is thrown back out to the internet. Is there a was to resolve this, or should I just try to load Plex instead? Thanks

Hi mr2686

the Twonky interface on all My Clouds is available on its standard port 9000.
Open it via http://wdmycloudex4100:9000 or http://EX4100-ip-address:9000

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Excellent. Thank you so much. I was able to follow the link and access Twonky.

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