Twonky not listing available media to devices

I have to say that this new version of twonky is worse than the ones from years ago…

I’ve migrated from both a Mybook world I and II, and nothing but hassles with the EX4

so…  the system is configured and media streaming (Twinky is turned on)…  I’ve scanned the directories and there are Video, Audio, and pictures that are found (listed in both the main ex4  admin interface and the twonky server interface)

you can go directly to the twonky server on port 9000 and see all the files, however any DNLA client (even twonky’s own android app) and no files are listed on the server.   I’ve tried rescanning and rebuilding the database and no luck

the log file in the twonky directory (accessed via ssh) does not list any problems…

yes I think Twonky is a dog!.. in fact let me expand upon that.  DLNA * STINKS * with it’s 20+ competing standards is nothing but a HOT MESS of some things don’t work with other things.  …just a hot mess.

My life get so much simpler once I ditched DLNA and moved to PLEX a media subsystem based on XBMC it can stream to DLNA supported clients better then even Twonky can. jeeez.

just holding out hope for PLEX to be an installable package onto the EX4  for now… I just use the EX4 to securely hold my media files in ext4 fs w/ RAID 5 and have a workstation act as the plex media server to serve up content.

Ultimately if plex can’t or won’t be supported on the EX4 i’ll advocate ditching it in favor of a ixsystems FreeNas ZFS nas which does support PLEX media server, Drobo 5N, or Synology all of which do.