Twonky not indexing sub-sub-directories in 4.01.02-41​7

When I got home the other day I found that I could no longer access my media through UPnP.

The MyCloud had auto-updated its firmware and was now indicating “Music Tracks: 0 Pictures: 0 Videos: 0”.

After many hours of investigation and trying different things from the Twonky web interface, I noticed that Twonky was now only discovering media files that are less than 2 subdirectories deep.

For example:

My USB HDD connected to the MyCloud is called " movies".

Files are arranged like /movies/A/Aliens (1986)/Aliens (1986).mkv

Sharing /movies  in Twonky finds no movies.

Sharing /movies/A in Twonky finds all the movies starting with A.

I can get around this by creating individual shares in Twonky for every letter, but this would be tedious and even harder for series. So I’m going to try to revert my firmware to a previous version and turn auto-update OFF

I hope this helps anyone else with this problem and I’m holding thumbs for an update :catvery-happy:


Hmm.  I’m not seeing this…   I have things like

/TV Shows/Star Trek/Star Trek the Next Generation/Season 1/Star Trek.TNG.S01E01.m4v

… and no issues finding the files.

Let us know what you find…

Hmmm… That doesn’t sound right. Even through my long-running troubles with Twonky, I don’t think it had a depth issue.

What it did do was to appear to index, and then forget what it had found.

I think the answer was to check that shares have media sharing enabled; I’m sure a firmware upgrade turned off media sharing.

Also worth looking at the Twonky log file, and looking for errors. I recall having to SSH in and delete the entire Twonky installation, and re-create it by re-starting the media server. You then have to use the Twonky UI to change the location of media shares to reflect your actual file hierarchy, since MyCloud restarts Twonky looking in Public, in which is creates ‘Shared Music’, ‘Shared Pictures’ and ‘Shared Videos’ (or Movies, perhaps…). I suspect Twonky isn’t very happy about the spaces in the pathnames if you try to force media searches to particular types, based on the folder (e.g. Look only for music in ‘Shared Music’).