Twonky media server wont start

I have been using twonky media dlna server for yeas. recently, it stopped registering the internal drive, and showing only files on the drive connected to the USB.
Also, I started getting the message “acess denied” when trying to play music form a Yamaha receiver.
To resolve this, I rebuilt the library, cleared the logs, reset the server, and now, it wont start anymore.
The web UI shows that it is on (tried turning it off and back on again - nothing)/
The TV uis also shows that windows, dlna and iTunes server are ON (tried turning this off and on again with a fiew resets - still nothing).
Since I swithed to new gear (tv, receivers etc), I basicly use the wdtvlivehub just as a music dlna server.
Does anyone have an idea how to start the twonky server again, or is it dead after all these years (cant remember how many years any more).

I recommend you try this link in order to get assistance with this or you can wait to see if another user with experience can share some ideas regarding this topic.