Twonky media server issues

I have a WDShareSpace with Twonky 4.4.9. It has a Music folder, several subfolders (mp3, flac, midi, KidsMusic etc) and each of these have Album subfolders.

I have not been able to get Twonky to scan these directories or serve the media they contain. Whilst searching for some guidance I found a post saying my media must be in the public share. But even when I placed files in the Public/Shared Music directory it would not serve them.

I can see all the directories and files from my PC but I don’t want to put all thousands of individual files within a single subdirectory. One thought was to upgrade Twonky to a more recent version that allows files to be located in any folder.

Any help gratefully appreciated.

Have you tried to disable and enable the media server from the dashboard.

Im currently upgrading my own sharespace and am having my own issues so I cant get on to give you the exact answer but…

From memory, if you log into the admin panel through a web browser, you can go to “media server”. From here it shows you a pretty plain screen, but it’s obvious you’re looking at the Twonky Media Server. There is a spanner button that you can press that takes you to the settings pages. From one of the settings menus, you can define the folders you want the media server to scan. You must define them correctly, in that you must select what type of files to expect in those folders (music, video, pictures or all types). With a bit of playing around you will get your head around it and get the folders set up the way you want.

I at least know what Im trying to explain! I hope this helps! If I get access to my sharespace anytime soon I will send you a screen capture.


Thanks very much for the replies.

Following advice from Twonky, I updated my drives firmware which included a more recent  version of the media server. This behaved as would be expected - you can define which folders to search and the types of media to search for in each. Unfortunately it still only searches sub-directories that are in the Public share, which meant I had to shuffle a lot of data around. Not he end of the world, but I don’t understand the need for this restriction.

Cheers, FF