Twonky Media Server File Size


What is the maximum file size that the Twonky Media Server can “process”?
I have an M4V-file which is, according to Windows Explorer, 5364930KB in size.
Twonky does not identify this file as a video file, but it is showing up in the Music-folder.
In the same folder, there are a number of other M4V-files, much smaller than this one, which are correctly identifies as video files. All the files were ripped from a DVD in the same manner using Leawo-software.
I have other video files which are around 1.3GB in size and are correctly identified.
Thus my question: Is the file not identified correctly because of its size?


Does Twonky misidentify the file if converted to a different format like MP4?

Use a program like MediaInfo to find out what actual codecs are used to encode the file. Its possible that Twonky cannot handle specific video or audio codecs that were used to encode the video file.

Also double check the metadata (if any) on the media file. Try removing all metadata just in case there is something with the metadata causing problems.

I routinely run video files 3 GB in size using Twonky without issue.