Twonky Media Server corrupts and stops working on M Book Live


       On MyBookLive 2TB NAS with Firmware version 01.02.03, Twonky Media server gets corrupt and stops working. Twonky Media server version is 5.1.9.

I cannot access the dashboard for Twonky Media using the from a Windows 7 PC.  On the Dashboard under Media tab, The Server version and all other fields come up with a – (i.e. blank). There is no easy way to get the Twonky Media Server up and running other than doing a Full Factory Restore, which deletes all the data stored on the NAS drive. This take many hours to complete and the Twonky Media Server get corrupt on the first rebuild of the database or rescan of the media folderrs/content.

Is this fixed in the new 01.03.03 firmware release?

Has the Twonky Media Server version been updated to newer version?

I f this issue is not fixed in the new firmware release, I need to return the MybookLive for a refund.

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Latest firmware still has Twonky version 5.1.9