After updating the My Booк World I to version 1.2.10 and then to 2.1.12 does not work TWONKY MEDIA SERVER. It turns on after rebooting the device and turns itself off after some time. Can work several hours or may be turned off after 10 minutes. As a result  SONY PS3 loses the My Booк, movie playback stops.

However, other computers in the network continue to see MBWE and have access to shared folders.
Is there any solution for this problem? Or should we to wait for release of the new update firmware?
I tried to find solving this issue on TWONKY and other forums but they link to problems My Book World firmware.

It would be nice to read ideas are not only users but also support service.

If you want WD support to answer then you’ll have to call them since they don’t post here oftern, on the other hand you say that the MBW can still be seen on other computers when it’s not seen on the PS3, but what about Twonky itself? Can Twonky still be accessed and stream to other devices on your place even when the PS3 is not working?

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